With DraftKings and Fan Duel taking over the fantasy sports world, it's only fitting for folks to put their own personal touches on it.

Chris Towers, CBSSports.com released a DFS themed Thanksgiving Day dinner menu for social media to tinker around with and have some fun this holiday.

Notice the $50,000 salary cap in place as per usual daily fantasy leagues out there.

One main course, one potato dish, two side dishes, one bread and two deserts.

Towers did not include a beverage on the draft board whether that be red wine, white wine or alcoholic/nonalcoholic beverages.

Here are my Thanksgiving Day feast dishes I'll be partaking in this afternoon:

Main Course: Turkey (white meat) - $11,000

Potato Dish: Baked Potato - $7,000

Two Side Dishes: 1. Creamed Corn - $4,500 2. Meat Stuffing - $7,500

One Bread: Dinner Rolls - $5,000

Two Deserts: 1. Pumpkin Pie - $8,000 2. Cheesecake - $7,000