The Eagles continue the preseason on Saturday night in Green Bay against the Packers.

One question for the game that has continued to be unanswered by Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is whether or not Sam Bradford is going to play - the most likely scenario is that he will, but on Thursday Kelly was still non-committal.

"Every week we wait till after today and talk about what we're going to do rotation‑wise, and we go through tomorrow's training session and we finalize it and go from there," Kelly explained on Thursday.  "So we haven't had a discussion as a staff yet.  We have a big meeting this afternoon on how we're going to do it and mix and match everybody."

After getting just 14 snaps in last week's game against the Ravens, Bradford would like to play in the game, but even if doesn't, Kelly discussed what he wants to see from Bradford between now and the Sept. 14th opener in Atlanta.

"I just think daily progress," Kelly said.  "We've seen that on the practice field.  I think he's better today than he was when we started on August 1st, and I think he's continuing to get comfortable in what we're doing, and I see him not making the same mistakes.  I think he's really a coachable guy.  I think he's got a great understanding of the game of football.  He's played in a couple different systems, I think, so that benefits him and we look at that as a positive.  But we continue to see continual growth with him, which I think is important."

So while Bradford will most likely play, can he make it through a whole seaosn healthy remains to be seen - but if he does, NFL insider KC Joyner thinks the sky is the limit for the Eagles team.

"If Bradford stays healthy for 16 games and that's a big if, but if does, I think the Super Bowl is the limit for the Eagles."

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