Well it's not the fight that boxing fans had hoped for with Floyd Maytweather fighting Manny Pacquiao, but on May 5th in Vegas, Mayweather will move up in weight to fight junior middleweight titleholder Miguel Cotto at the MGM Grand. 

Cotto is a big name, as ESPN.com's boxing insider Dan Rafael told me on the Sports Bash, he is the third biggest name right now in the sport.  He does pose some problems for Mayweather, most notably, Mayweather will have to go up in weight to fight Cotto, so you would have to assume that phyiscally, Cotto will be stronger.

Cotto has beenaround the game, he is a smart fighter with power and knows when and how to use it  and he knows how to use the angles in the ring to his advantage.  Even with the size and strength disadvantage, the speed and quickness that Mayweather is known for will be a huge problem, just like it was when Cotto fought Manny Pacquiao.

To suggest that Cotto can win this fight isn't totally ridiculous, but then again at this point, does anyone really think it will happen?

Mayweather never gets hit, his fighting style is impeccable and will be the superior boxer, like he is in all of his bouts.   At this point, Mayweather is perfection personified, he is magnificent in the ring.  So until I see him star to decline, its hard to pick against Mayweather in this fight or any fight for that matter, including against Pacquiao

Now, there as a time when Roy Jones Jr. was the best in the game, but all the sudden he just lost a little of his speed here and some of his reflex there and he was very ordinary - just like that.  There are some out there how believe Mayweather is more hype then substance, that he is in essence overrated.

Many people think Mayweather has been running from Pacquiao for the past two years, and there are other who think Pacquiao lost his last fight against Juan Manuel Márquez.

Either way, the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight isn't going to happen - again.  We can only hope that if it does actually happen, that the two guys are both still at the top of their games.  The Cotto fight will help us see where Mayweather is, but I'm afriad Pacquiao might already be on his way down.

Here is my conversation with ESPN.com boxing insider Dan Rafael on this fight, and the sport of boxing's top stories.

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