Tonight is a pivotal game for the Flyers tonight as they are down two games to the Capitals heading into Game 3.  ESPN NHL Reporter Joe McDonald said Monday afternoon on The Sports Bash that in order to get back in this playoff series the Flyers must score first tonight:

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

" Well they need to score first, I mean that is so important for the Philadelphia Flyers because they're putting, at least in Game Two, they put all those shots on net. Now a lot of them came from the perimeter and they're trying to find those lanes to get to Holtby and just reek havoc. As important as that is, they need to score first especially in a game like tonight with everything that is going to happen in the pre-game if they can come out and quickly get on the board that's just going to explode their momentum. If the Capitals come out tonight and they score first, especially after everything that's gonna happen in the pre-game ceremony, that's going to totally deflate the building, the fans, and the Flyers."

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