Dave Hakstol is the fourth Flyers Head Coach over the last ten years and while this year got off to a rocky start, Philadelphia is in position to make the NHL Playoffs in a year which was expected to be a "Rebuilding season".

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

ESPN NHL Analyst Barry Melrose talks about the great job Hakstol has done in his first year as their Head Coach:

"I give him a ton of credit because there were three or four different times this year that team could've went south and really hit the skids and looked like a team that might be fighting for the Austin Matthews Sweepstakes rather than a playoff spot. So I think Dave Hakstol has been great. I really think that if Philly makes the playoffs you gotta look at him for Coach Of The Year. I just think what he's went through, the way Philadelphia's changed, the movements they've made, Hakstol's been great, So I think he really think he deserves a lot of credit, I think he's been fantastic."

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