Michael Vick spoke about changes to his game yesterday.

The ones that Michael Vick wanted to talk about, of course.

Like, say, his so-so accuracy. (Vick's a career 56 percent completion guy, only topping 60 once, in that oh-so-long-ago 2010 season, when he hit on (hark!) 62.6 percent of his throws.)

Said Vick: "Each and every year, it's always to improve my accuracy, and creating a general understanding of the offense, in and out, know(ing) where all my guys gonna be. Trying to figure out the best way to make the game as easy as possible, even though that's sometimes not possible."

And, his whims decided, juggling blitz recognition responsibilities. (Even though it's pretty well-documented that the brunt of Vick's at-the-line obligations -- you know, like, identifying the MIKE linebacker and anticipating where pressure's coming from; all that good stuff -- have been pushed off Vick's plate and onto (ready for this?) Jason Kelce's.)

Said Vick: "Just wanting to come in, and being better at the blitz. You wanna have poise during tough situations, during the blitz, when you've got guys coming at you, and still being able to be accurate and maintain your confidence and integrity of the pocket. I've just been trying to do that. I feel like I've been doing it.

"I've been working hard on it. I feel like anything you work hard on and set your mind to, you can do it."

What? You expect the guy to delve into his decision-making? His self-preservation? His up-and-down-and-all over the place production? You know, the very issues at the forefront of the Eagles woeful 8-8 2011 season -- and, obvi, taking up the same spot of Eagle fans minds?


In fairness: Vick said over the weekend that he felt the "questions were getting repetitive" and that he "felt like it's personal," ultimately flipping to the fans and media and everyone else a pretty flippant ultimatum, that they're just going to have to "wait and see." Can understand that sentiment. Would've expressed it a little differently. (Would've poked fun at the perpetual nothingness that the media pumps out during OTAs, and insistence on regurgitating the same tired questions and sleepy story lines.) But can understand where that's coming from.

Though, now, I can't stand behind him for making them. Wasn't so before yesterday.

Now? This dichotomy, this selectiveness about what questions he'll field and which ones he won't, sets the stage for one of two scenarios: (1) the one we hope for, that Vick just had a moment of weakness and whined throughout it, feeling defensive about being consistently prodded over issues he is -- for realsies -- working super hard on correcting, and (2) the one we fear, that he just doesn't care, never really did, is going to play the game his way, consequences and cracked ribs be damned.

The latter of which doesn't exactly jibe well. (Or translate into a re-upping of his contract; Vick's only due $3 million in guaranteed monies IF HE GETS INJURED after this wholly-covered $12.5 million base salary for the 2012 season.)