Asked by ESPN's Sal Paolantonio to describe new Eagles coach Chip Kelly's offense, Michael Vick called it "refreshing," "very innovative," and unlike any offense he's played in before today after the Eagles voluntary workouts.

"It's great, it's awesome," Vick said. "It's nothing (like) I've ever seen before as an offense. It's very refreshing, it's very innovative. And we do a lot of things that just put the ball into guys' hands and allow them to go out and make plays and play free. ... It's been an awesome two days and we've gotta continue to work hard."

Vick says the Eagles have been running a "lot" of read-option plays in this week's voluntary workouts something that could cause him to have a big year for the Eagles. When asked if he thought this was his team, Vick was very confident in his answer.

"Yeah, I still feel like it's my team," Vick said.  "I feel that way deep down in my heart, I believe in myself and my abilities and what I can do.  I know with the right team around me I can lead this team, I have done it before.  It's just about the confidence you have the swagger and the leadership you exuberant for yourself and your teammates."

Vick and Nick Foles split first-team reps on the first day of Eagles' voluntary workouts on Tuesday but today Vick sounded like he was confident that the job was going to be his to lose.

Vick also spoke glowingly about Kelly, naming his as the main reason he choose to remain in the City of Brotherly Love.

"When I first sat down and spoke to Chip, I thought he was an amazing guy," Vick explained.  "To have the opportunity to stay in Philadelphia one more year, and play for a guy  of awesome character from the first conversation that we had."

One of the interesting parts of this QB battle to me is that we have heard a lot of talk from Vick about Kelly and a lot of talk from Vick about his meetings and talks with Kelly, something we have rarely heard from Foles.

Interesting note from today, when asked if Foles is a fit for Kelly's offense, Vick stated: "I mean, he can run. He has two legs."

I just don't think that will be good enough