In case you missed it, the Eagles made a major announcement Friday evening detailing a change in organization hierarchy.

In a lengthy statement, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie went into detail about what was happening and why.

General Manager Howie Roseman has been promoted to a role that carries no influence on player personnel decision making., Roseman will oversee the salary cap, contract negotiations and medical staff.

That doesn't seem like much of a parting gift for overseeing the 2012 NFL Draft that has and will continue to shape this franchise for years to come.

Head coach Chip Kelly has assumed all decision making power on personnel decisions. According to Lurie, Kelly has been charged with recruiting and hiring a personnel staff to report directly to him.

That means free agency and the draft.

Those two areas could be considered a struggle with this team, having a lackluster 2014 NFL Draft, while building a secondary through free agency that was one of the worst in football.

Still, Kelly gets to shop for the groceries, bring them home and make the dinner.

(Thanks Bill Parcells.)

Jeff McLane points out that Lurie received no threats or ultimatums upon making this decision, but the departure and timing of Tom Gamble this week raised some eyebrows. Jeffrey Lurie even also continued to refer to Howie Roseman as the GM after the Eagles Week 17 game against the Giants.

Did Chip Kelly deliver an ultimatum to Lurie after the departure of Gamble?

It's worth the speculation.

It's tough to imagine that Roseman will stay put in his new situation, he obviously wants to be involved in personnel decision making and it wouldn't shock me if Roseman continues to put feelers out there on other possible opportunities.

In the end, it's clear that Kelly made a power play and won. Kelly and Roseman haven't seen eye-to-eye since the renegade arrived from college and the hiring and subsequent firing of Gamble proves that.

We've seen power plays and power shifts in the Eagles organization under Lurie multiple times in the past. Andy Reid won a few and Roseman has a few notches under his belt, but Kelly has this latest victory.

So does this mean more Oregon players?


If one of those players happens to be Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota, fans wouldn't have much of a problem.

At any rate, we now know who will be shopping for the groceries and cooking the dinner: Chip Kelly.

It's Chip's ship, sink or swim.