We've seen "53 angry men" this season.

Philadelphia Eagles players sported those customized shirts after wins against New England and Buffalo this season, only to lose 40-17 against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday night.

The game didnt matter much in the NFC East standings and the players played like it.

So instead of the Eagles being able to clinch the NFC East on Saturday night against the Washington Redskins, they need to win the game just to stay alive.

Which is why, I suppose, Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks decided to provide the first pinned sign of bulletin board material for the Redskins.

"If I know myself and I know my teammates, the Redskins got something coming to them, for real. That's real <expletive>," Kendricks told CSN Philly.

Mnay Eagles fans would have liked that "real <expletive>" to have come against the Cardinals on Sunday night, specifically on two touchdowns and 187 rushing yards from David Johnson, but who's counting?

Talk is cheap in the NFL and it's particularly cheap coming from a 6-8 football team.

Just ask Odell Beckham Jr.