Eagles quarterback Nick Foles' four-week followup CT scan revealed his collarbone injury is healing normally.

It's been 31 days since Foles went down against the Texans, but it's starting to look more-and-more like there's a chance he could return before the regular season is through. Foles has been seen throwing at recent practices, but throwing is not the issue right now with that injury, its the inability to take a hit that is keeping him from practicing at this point.

"I know he's working extremely hard from a rehab standpoint," Eagles coach Chip Kelly said on Monday.  "The whole decision will be made based upon what the bone is, and they'll get that X‑rayed at some point in time."

That point in time was Friday and he's been cleared to step up strengthening exercises with an eye toward full clearance in 2-4 weeks.  The key to his return will be that his left clavicle has to be strong enough for him to sustain contact, otherwise another blow could cause further harm - its the same situation that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers faced last season.

However, the big question is, will his job still be there when he is ready to return.

Mark Sanchez is coming off a strong start on Thanksgiving and has led the Eagles to a 3-1 record across four games under center.   A lot is going to depend on how Sanchez performs over his next couple starts, including two big games vs. Seattle and the rematch with Dallas.

Sanchez got off to a pretty nice start in his first start against Carolina, but became increasingly turnover prone the more he played in games against Green Bay and Tennessee.  However, on Thanksgiving day, Sanchez had maybe one of the best games he has ever played, completing 20-of-29 passes for 217 yards with one touchdown, adding seven carries for 28 yards and a rushing score.

Overall, Sanchez is averaging 281 yards and has an 8:6 TD/INT ratio in five games (four starts).  Meanwhile, Foles was averaging 270 yards with a 13:10 ratio in his eight games.

In my opinion, as I have stated on the show, I like Foles, I think the Eagles can win a lot of games with him - I just like Sanchez more.

Sanchez gives the Eagles a higher ceiling, yes, he isn't perfect, he will make mistakes.  However, he is simply the more talented guy and can make more plays for the offense, he can allow Chip to be more creative and call another layer of plays.  He moves better than Foles, he can get out of the pocket and keep plays alive.

Realistically, Sanchez was a top five draft pick, Foles was a third round pick and I think you see that when they are both playing at their top level.  Sanchez is just a little better here, a little better there and a just a little better doing this and that.  It's not exponentially better - but he's just better, the ceiling for him and the team is just a little higher.

But maybe all this team needs is to be just a little better to get to where they need to go.