Michael Vick took a little time out of practice to show the young fellas that the old man still has some tread left on his tires. Vick proved Thursday that speed is still part of his game, beating teammate LeSean McCoy in a 40-yard dash at practice after the running back had been calling him "old." Vick, who turns 33 next month, dusted his 24 year old counterpart by more than 4 yards and tweeted a few words after.

"So today at the field 1 of my teammates called me old," he wrote, adding that the teammate begged him to race the 40-yard dash. "Anybody want to guess which player?"

"Beat him by a few yards too lol," he wrote, adding #SpeedKILLS to the tweet.

Possibly the best part of the story is that Vick asked permission from Chip Kelly whether he would allow the two to race, and the coach said yes.

ProFootballTalk.com, citing a source with knowledge of the situation, reported that McCoy had been giving Vick a hard time for weeks, calling him "old man" and challenging him to a race. Vick reportedly had laughingly dismissed McCoy's challenges until Thursday.

McCoy was a good sport, joking on Twitter that Vick "cheated." He did give Vick credit, however, writing that Vick was "Top 3 fastest man on the TEAM."

Speed is what Chip Kelly loves and speed is what Michael Vick still has. Does that give us any indication of who the starting quarterback will be in Philadelphia this year?