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Barrett Brooks

Talked Mark Sanchez and the Eagles 31-21 over the Texans with Barrett Brooks. Mark Sanchez now has a huge opportunity to go out there and make some money and prove he's still a starter in this league, according to Brooks. Nick Foles, who is now injured, just didnt take advantage of his opportunity this season playing lack luster football and giving the Eagles all the reasons NOT to pay him."Absolutely" Sanchez is now playing for the contract that Foles was at the start of the season. Follow Brooks on Twitter.

Geoff Mosher

Called in for Mosher Mondays to talk about Sanchez and what's going to happen at the QB position. Mosher said that this team "will go as far as Mark Sanchez will take them." He does not anticipate Foles to come back when healthy, especially considering the poor timing. Mosher also talked about this team as a whole and he does not anticipate them making it to the Super Bowl no matter who is at QB because they make too many mistakes. Follow Mosher on Twitter.

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