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TMZs Evan Rosenblum

The website TMZ and TMZ Sports has become such a news-breaker in the sports world these last 12 months. Jameis Winston, Donald Sterling and now Ray Rice all have TMZ to thank for their dirty laundry being aired to the public. We had a chance to speak with their executive producer Evan Rosenblum today about their involvement in the Ray Rice case. Rosenblum said that Roger Goodell 'looks ridiculous' for not pursuing the second elevator tape more aggressively. He believes that he should be fired for his negligence in this case. A MUST listen interview here detailing how TMZ acquired the tape and how much notice the NFL had upon it's release.

Phil Sheridan

ESPN NFL Nation writer Phil Sheridan called in today to talk about Eagles Week 1 vs. Jaguars and a look at their Monday night game in Indianapolis. Sheridan talked about the team being back at practice today preparing for a longer week than normal. Cody Parkey nailed a long 50+ yard field goal against the Jags which is a huge confidence builder for the young rookie. Sheridan believes that a fast, strong start by Nick Foles is vital on Monday night because of how much he struggled on Sunday. We've seen Foles bounce back after bad games before, he threw 7 TDs against Oakland in a 'bounce back game.' Chip Kelly should look to get Foles in rhythm early on Monday night. Follow Sheridan on Twitter.

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