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Brett Brown

Sixers head coach Brett Brown joined 97.3 ESPN FM today to talk about what his team did in the draft last night. Brown was very pleased with getting Joel Embiid at 3, he would have even wanted to take him first overall. Brown likens Embiid and Nerlens Noel to his days with the Spurs coaching up David Robinson and Tim Duncan, especially on the defensive end. Brown also talked a lot about Dario Saric and what type of player he is. Brown has a lot of experience with the foreign game and knows how he plays. Brown also talked about the MCW trade rumors and how tough that is when a coach has a special relationship with his player.

Kevin Pelton

ESPN.com Kevin Pelton called in to give us his grade on the Sixers draft. Pelton gives it an "OK" grade, not really understanding it. Pelton is a Joel Embiid fan, and thinks that he was the right choice at third overall. Pelton also breaks down the second round picks and what we can expect from those type players. Also, how long this process will take going from bare bones to a yearly playoff team?