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Here is today’s show: Tuesday June 3rd, 2014

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Jerry Crasnick

ESPN insider Jerry Crasnick called in to talk about his article on the possibility of Jimmy Rollins being a Hall of Famer. Mike Schmidt brought this up on the Phillies broadcast over the weekend saying that he thinks J-Roll is a hall of famer. If Barry Larkin is in the Hall of Fame then Rollins certainly should be considered. Crasnick agrees. If Rollins puts up another strong season then he deserves to be in the discussion. Crasnick also talks about the state of the Phillies and what kind of value their core players have. Follow Crasnick on Twitter.

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Jeff McLane

Covering the Eagles OTAs yesterday called in to talk about what he saw out of the team yesterday. There was a bit of a scare involving Jeremy Maclin where he was on the field longer than normal, but it turns out that no injury did happen. It does however, according to McLane bring up the memory that Maclin is recovering from an ACL injury and expectations should be realistic. McLane also talks about the possibility of Zach Ertz having an explosive second year in this offense. Follow McLane on Twitter.

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