Sal Pal

Sal Pal Friday's here on 97.3 ESPN FM. Sal Pal was on here today really taking a look at MNF at Indy. Sal Pal said that the Eagles really need to sure up their communication issues with their secondary. He's not really that concerned with the offensive line, Chip Kelly is such a great play caller that will really help out. He's very concerned with their secondary, especially facing Andrew Luck, who is not Chad Henne with the Jaguars. On the special teams: Sal Pal says that Chip Kelly is starting to figure out that special teams is a major factor in the NFL. Sal Pal joins Mike Gill and Matt Segal every Friday at 3:05, 5:05 p.m.

Shady and Tips

Mike Gill and Matt Segal start off by talking about the LeSean McCoy tipping controversy that took place on Monday. It's a silly story, but worth talking about because he left a 20 cent tip on a $60 check. When asked by the media yesterday, McCoy stood by his 'statement' he made. He also blasted Charlie Sheen in the process. Mike and Matt firmly disagree here and a very spirited debate took place in this segment.

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Conrad Brunner

Covering the Colts for 1070 The Fan, Conrad Brunner provided our Outside View. Bruno said that the Colts have some injury questions without Robert Mathis and Jerrell Freeman. He's out with a hamstring injury. He also said that playing a team like the Broncos in Week 1 really is a warmup test for playing a faster paced Eagles team. The issue of the  game for the Colts is most likely the passing game they'll have to deal with. There is no pass rush without Mathis and the coverage will have to be there. Follow Brunner on Twitter.

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