Sal Pal

It's a Sal Pal Friday today! The Eagles and the Redskins are matching up on Sunday and it is bringing the return of DeSean Jackson to the Linc. Sal Pal said that looking back to last season when teams were game planning for specifically Kirk Cousins, his plan was "horrifying." The Redskins d3efensive coordinator Jim Haslett has been blitzing 59 percent of all dropbacks so far this season. Being Nick Foles, the ball has to come out much more quicker and for him, his timing has been slow. The Eagles tempo however, which is the fastest in the NFL, the Redskins should be a bit fatigued in the 4th quarter. No matter what happens, the fatigue in the 4th quarter neutralizes any scheme or blitz a team wants to throw at Foles. Sal Pal also talks about the chemistry issues the WRs are having early on this season.

Roger Goodell

Met with the media for the first time today at 3 p.m. Goodell addressed the Ray Rice situation and what will be done in the future. We aired  his press conference and here's just a little of what he had to say:

6-Pack of Picks

Kevin Sheehan

The Outside View with Kevin Sheehan of ESPN 980 and Redskins Radio Network. A lot of people in DC believe that the Redskins could make a run for the division and after just 2 games, it looks even better than that. There's a lot of trust in Kirk Cousins, many feel that the offense is better with him under center. DJAX  is probably at 50/50 and a GTD, but it's tough to see him missing this game. Early on, it'll be all about the Redskins defense and if they can stop the Eagles offense and get off the field. Follow Sheehan on Twitter.

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