Yes, the Eagles are 4-1, but why doesn't it feel like they're 4-1? Mike Gill and Matt Segal talk about the Eagles win against the Rams yesterday, but something seems to be missing. Nick Foles was erratic yesterday and the defense wasnt much better. LeSean McCoy struggles to get going on the ground and the Eagles barely hung on against an awful football team 34-28. Mike and Matt talk about where they think this team is headed with a big SNF showdown looming against the Giants.

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Barrett Brooks

Barrett breaks down what he saw from the Eagles yesterday against the Rams. The offensive line looked better, but it still seems to be affecting LeSean McCoy with the absence of Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis. Brooks is not making a change with Nick Foles, he may just be a system type QB that needs more confidence in his receivers, running back and offensive line. Brooks also talks about McCoy and what the difference is between him and Darren Sproles. Just hit the hole and stop dancing! Follow Brooks on Twitter.


Moose Johnston

Called the game for FOX last night and called in to discuss. Moose acknowledges that the Eagles have issues, including their offensive line and rushing game. Nick Foles was unable to step into some of his throws and got away with a few decisions that could have changed the game. Moose told our listeners to "keep things in perspective." On McCoy and Sproles: They have different styles and at the end of the game, Sproles was the preferred style to try and run the clock out.

Geoff Mosher

Mosher Mondays at 5:15 with CSNPhilly and Geoff Mosher. Mosh said that the corners were really getting beat yesterday and just had some missed opportunities. On Foles: he is taking hits, but he's only been sacked 1 time in the last four games. Right now, Nick Foles is back pedaling and he's not trusting his offensive line. The blueprint on Foles seems to be that teams are dropping back into coverage and daring Foles to beat them like that. Follow Mosher on Twitter.

Grayson's Grades

Our Eagles insider Scott Grayson gives us his grades from a 34-28 win over the Rams yesterday.

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