Ryan Lawrence

On with Mike and Matt LIVE from San Diego from the MLB Winter Meetings. The market for Cole Hamels should be heating up after Jon Lester signed with the Cubs. There hasn't been much action, according to Lawrence. The Phillies seem to be very patient in waiting for the right offer on Hamels. They dont have to trade him this week. Antonio Bastardo and Marlon Byrd are also on the block and the Phillies may have received some offers for their players. Follow Lawrence on Twitter.

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Phil Sheridan

Did the Seahawks expose an Eagles weakness? According to Sheridan, the Eagles offensive line was a bit smaller than the other teams out there. The Seahawks were able to get a strong push at the line scrimmage and dominate. Now the Eagles like their offensive line because they are able to get off the line and make their blocks and are able to keep up with a up-tempo offense. Sheridan also explains the Eagles short-passing offense where it seems that Mark Sanchez isn't taking any deep chances down the field. Why is that? Follow Sheridan on Twitter.

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Trust in Phillies?

Mike and Matt talk about the Phillies at the winter meetings going on right now. Do you trust Pat Gillick and Ruben Amaro to make the right decisions in rebuilding this team? Is Pat Gillick the right decision maker to rebuild a team from ground up? The track record of Ruben Amaro, not Gillick, is not an impressive one when making trades. Many decision makers on personnel around MLB are coming from younger and savvier GMs.

Rollins to LA

Mike Gill talks about the breaking news in the 5 p.m. hour in that the Phillies have traded Jimmy Rollins to the Dodgers. After 15 seasons in Philadelphia, the Phillies part with their all-time leader in hits and begin a rebuilding process.

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