The Sports Bash ON DEMAND gives you the chance to go back and hear what you missed. Its the Sports Bash with Mike Gill and Matt Segal!


Mike Gill and Matt Segal are back together on The Sportsbash for the long haul. The two open up talking about the no-hitter thrown by 4 Phillies pitchers yesterday in Atlanta. Now one of the pitchers involved in that was Cole Hamels. So Mike and Matt talk about the possibility of trading Cole Hamels and replenishing a week farm system. Gill isnt sure right now what to do, while Segal is disappointed because it shouldn't have gotten to this point.

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Todd Zolecki Phillies reporter Todd Zolecki called in to talk about the Phillies Labor Day weekend, which included a team no-hitter in Atlanta yesterday. It was the teams first combined no-hitter and according to Zolecki, the Phillies now have a legit bullpen whether they trade Johnathan Papelbon, or not. The Phillies also enter September with a new roster of players that features 3B Franco and MAG out of the bullpen. Zo also goes over the new decision making process in the absence of David Montgomery. Pat Gillick is back and he will now be working with Ruben Amaro (again) to better this team. Follow Zo on Twitter.

Jimmy Kempski

Covering the Eagles for is back with us on each and every Tuesday. This week Kempski previews the Eagles Week 1 game vs Jacksonville. He also talks about the 53-man roster that was finalized over the weekend. The Eagles will go into the season with a rookie kicker and four tight ends. Kempski also tells us that rookie first round draft pick Marcus Smith II will need the first multiple weeks of the season to continue his development.

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