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Tuesday, July 29 2014

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Sal Pal

ESPN reporter Sal Pal on here to talk about his weekend at Eagles training camp. He said that this season will be decided on two things: 1. The decision to release DeSean Jackson and 2. The decision to draft Marcus Smith in the first round. Sal Pal also talked about LeSean McCoy and the amount of carries he may lose with Darren Sproles now in the mix. He's due over $11 million next season and that's the last thing he wants to see. Also on the two rookie wide receivers in Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff. Matthews looks good, the jury is still out on Huff.

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Corey Seidman

CSNPhilly.com correspondent Corey Seidman joined the show to talk about the Phillies and Thursday's trade deadline. Seidman provided great insight as to what and why things are taking so long and the reasons as to why there may not be much movement on the trade front. Phillies general manger Ruben Amaro put a lot of this onto himself with the contracts and no-trade clauses he handed out some seasons ago. Cole Hamels is on the market, but the Phillies are looking for "quantity and quality" in any deal, as they should be. Seidman also makes the point in that if the Phillies were to deal Hamels, the ownership would have to give Amaro a few seasons to see that trade through. Follow Corey Seidman on Twitter.

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5 Questions

1. Fatal Four Way match: Shady, Cole, Maclin and Fletcher?

2. Is there a player thats linked more to his # than Jordan?

3. Do you agree with Sal Pal?

4. Would you be disappointed if Lester gets dealt to Dodgers?

5. MLB and 2,000,000 strikeouts?