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Here is today’s show: Monday May 19th, 2014

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Sixers and the Lottery

In this segment, Mike Gill goes over some NBA draft possibilities and scenarios that the Sixers could be facing. The NBA Draft lottery is tomorrow night and the odds are that the Sixers will; wind up with the fourth overall selection. Chances are that Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker will be gone by then, who do you go with in that case? Mike Gill gives you his possibilities and what player could find himself paired with MCW next season.


Top Tweets

It's a Monday edition of top tweets!

Shady McCoy

Eagles RB Shady McCoy is never one to shy away from words. Today on "First Take" McCoy stated that he was the best RB in the NFL, taking those honors away from Adrian Peterson. Mike Gill thinks so as he said in Sportsbash Stock Exchange. Do you agree? Here is some of what McCoy had to say on "First Take:"

Amaro on Phillies

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro appeared on Philly Sports Talk this afternoon with an interview on the state of the Phillies. Mike Gill goes over some cuts with the listeners and whether or not he agrees with Amaro. Amaro and the Phillies are counting on players like Cody Asche and Jake Diekman to be more consistent and play up to their capabilities. Gill agrees with Amaro in some points and of course disagrees with Amaro in some points.

5 Questions

1. What's the best Phillies lineup?

2. Do you like Eagles and Patriots teaming up again this summer, or was once enough?

3. Does Shady McCoy talk too much?

4. Is Homer Bailey the worst name for a MLB pitcher?

5. Whats for dinner tonight?