The protests and riots occurring in Baltimore this week should not be taken lightly.

The Baltimore Orioles hosting the Chicago White Sox at Camden Yards in front of a crowd of zero, should be.

That's what some of the players were trying to do before and during the game to try and keep things on the lighter side because it's something that they've never experienced before.

In fact, baseball has never experienced something like this before in it's century and a half existence.

The sport had to close up shop to it's fans, much like a soccer game overseas due to rowdy fans, and play in front of themselves.

That didnt stop players from both teams trying to lighten things up in a very difficult situation.

their advice on how to execute something like that.
The perfect example to trying to lighten things up.

This one happened during the game from Orioles' catcher Kaleb Joseph:

As you can see from the picture above, this is a very weird feeling for the players having played in front of fans their entire lives, to not play in front of any at all.