Penn State media day has been essentially picked clean of storylines.

Silas Redd already transferred. A mass exodus of current players already followed. Recruits already decommitted by the armful. Bill O'Brien already told the world that "the NFL doesn't care about bowl games." All have already been digested, and responded to.

The only thing left? A peek at the new Nittany Lion unis.


That said, it's surprising that the school isn't making a bigger deal of this.

Media days are essentially to sports programs what national conventions are to political parties: pep rallies to bolster bankrolls and loyalty, both of which Penn State is seriously hurting for right now. (Squared, if you consider recruiting classes a form of currency.)

What better way to re-up both than christen a new era of Penn State football, with a super showy unveiling of the program's new duds, featuring for the first time player names, plus a blue ribbon in honor of child sex abuse victims near and far?

Considering we haven't heard anything of the sort from anyone (namely him and them and them and them), that doesn't seem to be the tenor there. It's likely to happen, but only because players (who customarily wear jerseys when they step to the podium) have to wear something.

I get that rolling out the new uniforms would acknowledge the scars of the old guard they're trying to move on from. But that ship has already sailed today.