According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, Cuban right-handed pitcher Yadier Alvarez has quickly become one of the most talked-about prospects on the international market.

Many of those scouts believe that the Phillies are one of the teams expected to heavily pursue the 18-year-old flamethrower.

Per some reports, in a recent workout, Alvarez showed a 93-to-97 mph fastball and features a slider.

This is the kind of signing the Phillies should be looking at.  Guys who can grow in your system, who will be ready when this team is ready to compete.  When Cole Hamels is coming to the end of his career and guy like Alvarez can take over at the top of the rotation.

Its the same reason the Phillies should consider signing 19-year-old Cuban prospect Yoan Moncada who's a second baseman.  He would be ready to play just about the time Chase Utley's career will be winding down.

In Nick Cafardo's Boston Globe piece he wrote this about Moncada:

He could be the next Robinson Cano/Chase Utley, but more Cano. That’s the kind of potential bat we’re talking about,” one National League talent evaluator said.  An NL GM told Cafardo that Moncada “may be better than [Yasiel] Puig or [Jose] Abreu or [Yoenis] Cespedes or [Jorge] Soler.”

So Ruben, do yourself a favor, stick your neck out there and take a shot on these future stars - it can't be any worse then some of the decisions you've made as Phillies GM.