With the Philies offense continuing to struggle, Phillies manager Pete Mackanin's frustration continues to grow with each day that passes and as each loss mounts.

"Im looking for guys who are swinging the bat and its unfortunate that I have to look on a day-to-day basis," Mackanin said after the Phillies 3-1 loss, their seventh straight on Monday. "You either got to pick one set line-up and live or die with it or pick and choose and hope someone can get hot for a week, its a juggling act."

But as the season begins to fade away on the team, how much more of the same act can Mackanin and the Phillies take?

"We still have plenty of games left," Mackanin explained. "I'm just going to keep pushing them to improve"

While Mackanin maintains a positive attitude the best he can at this point, he too might have an eye on some of the organizations younger talent, to see if they can infuse some life into the struggling offense.

However, Phillies GM Matt Klentak told CSN's Breakfast on Broad show on Monday that while there is a chance to could see top offensive prospects J.P. Crawford and Nick Williams at some point - that time is not now.

“Is there a chance? Yes," Klentak admitted.

"Have we decided on that now at this stage of June? No. The one thing I’ve, again talking about how I need to manage the here and now but also years down the road, I need to be mindful of the fact that JP is 21 and Nick is 22, and that makes them two of the youngest, I think in JP’s case the youngest player, in the International League.”

Klentak stressed, as he has with many of the younger players when they come up, he wants them to be ready to stay up with the big club, he notes that both Williams and Crawford are ahead of schedule.

“These guys are more than on time, in fact again, they’re well ahead of the curve," Klentak explained. "So to make sure that these guys get the AB’s that they need, see the live pitching, just experience all the things that come with minor league development, on and off the field”

While neither is setting the world on fire at Triple-A Lehigh, Crawford is hitting just .209 after hitting .265 at Double-A Reading.  Meanwhile Williams, who came over in the Cole Hamels trade, is hitting .291 with seven homers after a slow start.

At this point the Phillies don't have much to lose, getting outscored 42-7 on their recent homestand where they went winless (0-6) for the first time since September of 1964 on a homestand of six or more games.