According to a report from Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe free agent pitcher Mark Mulder has thrown for the Phillies and other teams during his recent come-back attempt.

Mulder, who retired after the 2008 season following a pair of shoulder surgeries, recently threw for three clubs and was clocked in the 89-90 mph range.  Mulder been an effective big league pitcher since 2005 and turned 36 years old in August.

Mulder was clocked at 88 mph in his first throwing session but upped his velocity to 92 mph in his second session.  He is looking for a minor league deal with incentives if he makes the major league club.

This is just Ruben Amaro doing some due diligence, but seems like the kind of bargain basement move that Amaro would try to get in on, finding a name guy who hasn't pitched effectively in the bigs since 2005.  While Mulder is a nice guy and a good interview, he has been on the Sports Bash as a member of ESPN's Baseball Tonight crew.  He was always knowledgable and well prepared as a guest, but I am not sure he is what the Phillies need right now.