The good folks at The 700 Level brings this to our attention:

A Philadelphia coffee shop has decided enough is enough and isnt willing to let things play out.

Saxby's Coffee has decided to let it's patrons decide whether or not Chip Kelly can turn things around. In fact, they've put Kelly up against the Eagles former head coach Andy Reid and let the tips do the talking.

Early returns suggest that Kelly still has support from the patrons, but Reid did hold his own. After all, Andy Reid made his first NFC Championship game with the team in his third year. Alas, he still has those pesky time management issues.

Obviously, this does not in any way measure the support, or lack thereof, for Chip Kelly in the city of Philadelphia. What it does, however, is indicate the growing sense of concern Eagles fans have for their team this season.

Still, Eagles fans are clinging to hopes a weak NFC East conference and it only being September on the schedule. You better be sure that a third consecutive loss and 0-3 record will shift the odds in the favor of Reid.

I'll take a dark roast coffee with 1 cream, please.