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Here is today’s show: Tuesday June 26th, 2012.




Phillies of old last night

The Phillies looked a little bit like the team we've been used to seeing the past 5 years last night with their 8-3 victory over the Pirates.  Mike Gill and Todd Ranck both were pleased to see an aggressive Jimmy Rollins both at the plate and on the base paths.  Carlos Ruiz continued his strong play, and is now batting .354 on the season.  Joe Blanton was solid again last night and Mike Gill would like to give him a handshake.  Take a listen:


Is Mike Vick a jerk?

Mike and Todd talk about Mike Freeman, CBSSports.com list of the top 10 jerks in the NFL. Freeman has Eagles QB Michael Vick at the no. 1 position.  Does Vick still need more time to be be fully forgiven?  Mike then played comments from Vick who spoke at the NFL Rookie Symposium this week, comments that you wouldn't necessarily hear from "jerks."

Mike and Todd on the list of Top 10 jerks in NFL:


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Sportsbash Stock Exchange is a series of BUY or SELL questions hosted by producer Pete Giordano.  The Stock Exchange is brought you by Linwood Country Club.  Visit their website to learn more about one of South Jersey’s oldest and most-respected private golf clubs!

1. BUY the problem with Cliff Lee?

2. BUY OR SELL any problem with College Football playoff?

3. BUY OR SELL the Barack Obama Red Sox/White Sox joke?

4. BUY OR SELL RAW last night?


Top Tweets

It’s a Tuesday edition of Top Tweets brought to you by The NEW Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City.  Visit their website and drive home in a luxury car tomorrow!  Will Cole Hamels and Shane Victorino be with the team after July 31st?  It’s all inside Top Tweets!


Phillies have a chance to get back in it

Mike Gill went over the numbers SS Jimmy Rollins has had in the month of June.  The team overall doesn't have a great record, but Rollins is certainly living up to his contract.  Gill also went over the schedules for the Phillies, Dodgers and Pirates heading into the All-Star Break.  He thinks if the Phillies can cut the Wildcard deficit to 3 games or under, they are in prime position in the final 75 games to sneak in the post season.  The Phillies continue their four game series with the Pirates tonight, with Vance Worley on the mound.


Football Fix

It's 5:30 and that means we are in the Football Fix.  Today we tackled the Eagles offensive line.  Who's the anchor with LT Jason Peters down with an injury.  Ryan Messick in on and likes the fact that the line is young and has another year of growth under their belt.  The only position battle would be at LT with Demetress Bell who was signed to replace Jason Peters.  The depth at the position is solid, but not great said Messick.  Eagles training camp begins with selected rookies/veterans July 22nd.


5 Questions

1. Who is your favorite columnist?

2. Mistake to have John Mayberry, Jr in the lineup over Juan Pierre vs. a lefty?

3. Do you like the Eagles main practice being switched to the afternoon during Training Camp?

4. Were the Boston fans "booing" or "Youking" after his Kevin Youkilis?

5. Was "Ask Jeeves" really the key to your college nightlife?


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