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Here is today’s show: Thursday July 5th, 2012.





Sixers bring back Hawes

Did everyone have a fun 4th of July holiday?  Mike and Todd open the show up with the experience Todd had at the beach yesterday.  A group of people invaded the man's space with their beach chairs yesterday!  On a more serious note, the Sixers re signed Spencer Hawes to a 2 year contract extension Mike Gill and Todd Ranck both want to know what the thinking is.  We know what Spencer Hawes gives you every night and its not going to win you an NBA Championship anytime soon.  Hawes reportedly has an agreement in place for a 2-year contract extension.


Nash to Lakers

Mike and Todd began to talk about the sign-and-trade deal of Steve Nash going to the LA Lakers.  Todd Ranck is a huge fan of Nash and says he actually might be forced to root for the Lakers.  He also believes that the Suns are a classy organization for agreeing to trade Nash to a team of his choice.  Mike Gill disagrees: why should the Suns look to help out any other team but themselves.  Thinking they may have been able to get a better deal elsewhere.  The Suns have shipped Steve Nash to the Lakers in exchange for four future draft picks.


Tom Moore talks Sixers

Tom Moore, Sixers writer for phillyburbs.com called and tried to explain why the Sixers aren't as active as we all would like them to be.  On Lou WIlliams: he doesn't believe the Sixers will re sign him if he is asking for a 5-year $42M type deal.  Moore believes you'll be looking at a similar team in 2012-2013 as you did in 2011-2012, barring a trade of SF Andre Iguodala.  Tom Moore covers the Sixers for phillyburbs.com.  Follow him on Twitter.


Our Thursday Injury Report

Our Injury Expert, Joe DeRosa, called in and updated us on all the Philadelphia injuries out there.  Will Chris Pronger ever play in the NHL again?  When can we expect Roy Halladay to start for the Phillies?  What about Chase Utley and Ryan Howard?  Take a listen below:


Whats your beef with Ruben Amaro?

A Caller called in and wanted to know what Mike's beef was with Ruben Amaro, Jr.  The caller said that if the Phillies were in first place and Chase Utley, Ryan Howard and Roy Halladay were all fully healthy, Amaro would be the toast of the town.  Mike Gill then went over a list of questionable moves Amaro has made and reiterated that he is losing faith in Amaro in making the right trade.


More thoughts on Ruben Amaro:


Top Tweets

It’s a Thursday edition of Top Tweets brought to you by The NEW Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City.  Visit their website and drive home in a luxury car tomorrow!  Who is your second favorite mascot?  It’s all inside Top Tweets!


Sixers/Flyers here

Went over a few cuts from Flyers GM Paul Holmgren here on what their next move will be during the free agency period.  They inked two players today: Ruslan Fedotenko and Bruno Gervais.  We also replayed some cuts from Sixers beat writer Tom Moore from earlier today.  What are the Sixers thinking?  They came to terms with Spencer Hawes and Lou Williams remains on the market.


Ruben Amaro speaks

We went over some interview cuts of an appearance Phillies GM Ruben Amaro, Jr made on CSN Philly Daily News Live this afternoon.  Can we expect Ryan Howard back in a Phillies lineup before the All-Star Break?  What about the grade Amaro would give Charlie Manuel this half of the year?  Will the Phillies be buyers or sellers?  Audio courtesy: CSN Philadelphia.


5 Questions

1. Should the Flyers trade for Bobby Ryan or Rick Nash...or pursue Shane Doan in free agency?

2. Which NBA team has improved the most this off season?

3. If the Phillies are indeed sellers, who is untouchable and who would you move ASAP?

4. How many hot dogs can you eat in 10 minutes?

5. Who is your favorite swim suit model ever?



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