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Here is today’s show: Thursday June 7th, 2012.




Joe Banner OUT

Mike Gill and Todd Ranck open up today's show with the shocking news that Joe Banner is officially out as team president.  The two wonder, however, if he really is out as team president as he will, for now, stay on with the team.  Mike Gill officially awards the "power struggle" victory to Andy Reid as Mike thinks Reid will be here for as long as HE wants.  Todd still believes his fingerprints will still be all over this team.


Joe Banner Press Conference

At 2:30 today, the Eagles formally announced that Joe Banner is no longer the President of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Jeffrey Lurie, Joe Banner, Andy Reid, Don Smolenski were all present at the podium.  Lurie said that he and Banner had been obsessed with the Eagles franchise for the past decade, not going outside the NFL and purchasing other sports teams.  During the NFL lockout, the two had talked about a change in the group and wanted to revisit the conversation a year later.  During that time, Howie Roseman received more responsibility in which he handled all contract negotiating last season.  Eagles COO, Don Smolenski, now assumes the role of Team President.  Press conference courtesy of CSN Philadelphia.

Q/A with Eagles Front Office

The Eagles press conference then turned to an open forum with the assembled media getting a crack at the four Eagles voices.  Among questions asked to Lurie was whether or not three voices discussing personnel rather than four would make things easier, Lurie somewhat agreed.  Lurie also called it a "phenomenal opportunity for owners/teams around the league to hire Joe Banner for their organization. "  Lurie wanted to wait until after the NFL Draft, free agency and OTA's to announce this for continuity purposes.  Press conference courtesy of CSN Philadelphia.

Barrett Brooks talks Banner

Former Eagles OL and Super Bowl Champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Barrett Brooks, called in and shared some of his memories of Joe Banner.  Brooks said Banner is more of a numbers guy and much of the blame can't be put on him for the failures of the Eagles not winning a championship.  Banners was not popular amongst the players according to Brooks simply because he was "stingy with the money."  Perhaps the most famous example of this was the departure of longtime Eagles S Brian Dawkins.   Barrett Brooks played for the Eagles from 1995-1998.


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

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1. BUY OR SELL the Eagles being better off without Joe Banner?

2. BUY OR SELL seeing the last of San Antonio Spurs Big 3?

3. BUY OR SELL Boston Mayor Thomas Menino calling Rajan Rondo "Hondo" and Kevin Garnett "KJ" a fireable offense?


Geoff Mosher LIVE from Novacare

Geoff Mosher, Wilmington News Journal, called in and talked about whether or not there actually was a "power struggle" within the Eagles organization.  Either way, Mosher says there isnt a power struggle anymore and its now all about Andy Reid and Howie Roseman working together.


Andrew Brandt

ESPN Business Analyst, Andrew Brandt, called in and gave his take on Joe Banner departing as Team President.  Andrew worked in the Eagles front office for one season in 2009 and said this has been going on for quite some time now.  Brandt believes Banner wants to be active again and for a while now it's been Andy Reid and Howie Roseman being the vocal parts of the organization.  Andrew Brandt joined ESPN as an NFL business analyst in February 2011.  In 2008, he launched National Football Post.


Top Tweets

It’s a Friday edition of Top Tweets brought to you by The NEW Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City.  Visit their website and drive home in a luxury car tomorrow!  Whats the reaction of Joe Banner no longer being team president?  Plus the Phillies lose again!  It’s all inside Top Tweets!


Darwin Walker

Former Eagles DT Darwin Walker called in the show and gave us his experiences with Joe Banner.  Walker said Banner had a job to do and its the business of the NFL, he and Banner still maintain a good relationship.  On a potential power struggle: "they kept the business side away from the players.  It's the NFL, they have to make decisions based on business."


Charlie Manuel candid comments

Philadelphia Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel had some candid things to say after yet another defeat to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  They have now lost six games in a row and begin their inter league schedule tomorrow night in Baltimore.  Listen to Charlie Manuel's comments on how "nobody fears us anymore."  Thanks to our Phillies beat reporter Ryan Petzar.


Adam Caplan

Adam Caplan, NFL Insider Sirius XM Radio, called in from Novacare and gave us more perspective.  He said recently NFL agents had been telling him that Andy Reid had been more heavily involved in player contract negotiating than he had been in the past.  Caplan still maintains that Andy Reid needs to make the playoffs in 2012 or else.  Adam Caplan is an NFL Insider for Sirius XM Satellite Radio.  Follow him on Twitter.


5 Questions

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1. What member of Eagles front office reminds you of an Office Space character the most?

2. Is the N.L. East now a three team race?

3. How long until an active player in NFL comes out as a homosexual?

4. Any interest in soccer tonight?

5. Better press conference: Charlie Manuel, Joe Banner, Andy Reid, Jeffrey Lurie, etc


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