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Here is today’s show: Thursday June 14th, 2012.




It's time to send him down

Mike Gill opens the show up saying the Phillies need to make an example, and send John Mayberry, Jr down to the minors. Gill says it doesn't matter what Mayberry did (2/5 4 RBI) in last nights 9-8 victory in Minnesota.  Mayberry was handed a position in April and he hasn't grabbed it by the horns yet.  Its the big picture, says Mike.  Juan Pierre would play LF in place of an optioned Mayberry.  Was last night the time to send a message to the team?  We took callers on this and some agree, while others disagree.  The culture/mindset needs to change with this team.  A follower of ours on Twitter, Kyle, called in and defended his "war" that he had with Mike Gill last night.  That my friends, is very admirable of him as many people wouldn't follow up like that.


Latest on Phillies injuries

Our weekly injury expert, Joe DeRosa, called in and updated us on the four Phillies injuries that are really hurting this team right now.  How good will Ryan Howard be when in fact he does return in July?  Should Chase Utley be playing in the majors by now?  Plus what exactly is the injury 2B Freddy Galvis was diagnosed with?  Click below and find out the latest on the Phillies injuries.  Joe DeRosa is a physical therapist for Eastern Shore Physical Therapy located on 1999 New Road in Linwood.


Dream Team

Mike and Todd talk about the documentary on The Original Dream Team from 1992 that took the world by storm in the Barcelona Olympics.  Could the Dream Team assembled now compete with the Dream Team of 1992.  My thought is yes because nowadays the players are so athletic and so in shape, you wouldn't be able to keep up with them.  The USA roster will begin their practices July 5-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

More Selections of Dream Team:


Im not a LeBron hater, but...

In this segment, Mike Gill continues to maintain the stance in saying that he's not a LeBron hater, but rather indifferent.  He could care less what LeBron does in his career.  I and I'm certain many of you feel differently.  I said it's the angle that Gill sometimes take when analyzing James the player.  Ryan Messick has no qualms about it, he hates him.  Does Mike Gill come off as a "hater" of LeBron James?  You be the judge:


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Sportsbash Stock Exchange is a series of BUY or SELL questions hosted by producer Pete Giordano.  The Stock Exchange is brought you by Linwood Country Club.  Visit their website to learn more about one of South Jersey’s oldest and most-respected private golf clubs!

1. BUY OR SELL the Mets having a case for the no-hit bid?

2. BUY OR SELL the no-hitter and perfect game becoming watered down?

3. BUY OR SELL the Philadelphia fans being the worst?  So says another survey.

4. BUY OR SELL should media be harder on Flyers management for trading away Mike Richards/Jeff Carter?


Top Tweets

It’s a Thursday edition of Top Tweets brought to you by The NEW Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City.  Visit their website and drive home in a luxury car tomorrow!  What should the Phillies do with Jim Thome once Interleague play is complete?  It’s all inside Top Tweets!


Eagles training camp today

Our Eagles insider Ryan Messick took in some of Philadelphia Eagles training camp this morning and gave us some of his thoughts.  The main thing he noticed is how much of the energy level has changed this year compared to years past.  Andy Reid said that LT Demetress Bell will have to battle King Dunlap for that starting position, Messick hopes that's not the case.


Top 10 WR in Football

Mike Gill and Ryan Messick went over a list of the top 10 WRS in the NFL right now on ESPN.com.  On the surface, is DeSean Jackson a top 10 WR in the NFL?  Who claimed the No. 1 spot in the NFL?  Check out the list below:


5 Questions

1. If you were a DJ, what would your DJ name be?

2. If you had as much $ as Donald Trump, what would you do on your birthday?

3. Do you like watching the best golfers suffer or dominate?

4. Who will be the most versatile Eagle this year?

5. A guess on one of the dumbest crimes committed?


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