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Here is today’s show: Tuesday June 5th, 2012.




Durant and Thunder on their way

After two consecutive remote broadcasts, the show finally returned to the studio today.  The guys open up the show talking about the Oklahoma City Thunder Game 5 victory last night on the road in San Antonio.  The Thunder are now just one win away from their first NBA Finals appearance ever.  The topic turned to LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant.  Both Mike Gill and Todd Ranck agree that they would rather have Kevin Durant than LeBron James simply because James cant be trusted in the 4th quarter.  The Thunder will look to close out the Spurs Wednesday night in Oklahoma City.


Callers chime in

After the show returned from break, listeners called in gave some of their thoughts on Durant vs. LeBron.  Some picked the 3-time M.V.P. while others picked the up and coming Durant.  We all should agree that the team Kevin Durant plays on now is much better than the team LeBron James played on in Cleveland.  One caller made a very good point in saying NBA is a team sport, you need great teammates to win championships.


More LeBron...

The talk of LeBron James continued into the second hour.  They went over the rosters of LeBron James NBA Finals appearance with his Cleveland Cavaliers in 2007.  Eric Snow, Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas are just some of the names that "complemented" LeBron James.  The Heat/Celtics series continues with Game 5 tonight in Miami.


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Sportsbash Stock Exchange is a series of BUY or SELL questions hosted by producer Pete Giordano.  The Stock Exchange is brought you by Linwood Country Club.  Visit their website to learn more about one of South Jersey’s oldest and most-respected private golf clubs!

1. BUY OR SELL Mike Trout (Millville) being the Angels best player?

2. BUY the former Philadelphia sports athlete who won a championship that pains you the most?

3. BUY OR SELL Justin Blackmon pleading not guilty in his DUI case?


Mike Trout

(Photo by: Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Began to talk some baseball talking about Mike Trout and the great    season he has had in just 34 games with the Anaheim Angels.  Is he the best player on the Angels?  He certainly is the fastest as a scout clocked him at just 3.75 seconds sprinting from home plate to first base.  Is he the best player to come from South Jersey?




Top Tweets

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Papelbon goes off

It was a cold and rainy night at Citizens Bank Park last night and maybe that had something to do with why Phillies closer Johnathan Papelbon went off after a 4-3 loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers.  He called the home plate umpire "terrible and thought that he sucked."  He can surely expect a fine for those comments from MLB.  Also, listen to what ESPN MLB analyst Tim Kurkjian has to say as to why the Phillies are still in the NL East race.   The Phillies resume their four game series with the Dodgers tonight with Cliff Lee on the mound.


Sleepers for the Eagles

Mike Gill went over a list of potential sleepers for the Philadelphia Eagles this year.  One name to watch is Curtis Marsh, who will have an increased role this season with the trade of Asante Samuel to the Atlanta Falcons.  Another name to watch out for is Marvin McNutt, a rookie WR out of University of Iowa.  McNutt was drafted by the Eagles in the 6th round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

5 Questions

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1. Which Big 3 would you rather have  right now?  OKC Thunder or Miami Heat?

2. Which former Flyer in the finals would you most like to have back? Dainus Zubrus, Simon Gagne, Justin Williams, Mike Richards or Jeff Carter?

3. Will Cliff Lee finally win a game tonight?

4. Should leagues do more to force players to save money?

5. Do you even care about this NFL referee work stoppage? Should it be covered this much by media?


Pete Giordano is the producer of “The Sportsbash,” e-mail him: 973espn@gmail.com