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Here is today’s show: Wednesday May 9th, 2012.







Sixers lose Game 5

Mike Gill and Todd Ranck open up the show with their thoughts on the Sixers vs. Bull Game 5 last night.  As you know, Todd hasn't been a believer in the Sixers all series long and lists his percentages of them advancing at 35%.  He said if the Sixers lose a Game 6 at home, "no shot they go back to Chicago and win a Game 7."  Mike Gill who has been a believer for the most part still thinks the Sixers will close it out in six games, but says the team can't score and are mediocre at best.



Flyers season ends

The Flyers season finally ended with a 3-1 Game 5 loss to the NJ Devils last night.  Mike and Todd debated whether or not this season was still a success even though the Devils thoroughly handled the Flyers in five games.


Frank Seravalli talks Flyers

Flyers beat reporter Frank Seravalli called in at 3:05 to talk about the elimination of the Orange & Black last night.  He said the turning point for him was Game 4 when the Flyers could have tied the series at two games a piece.   He also thinks that Jaromir Jagr will not return to the team. Frank Seravalli covers the Flyers for the Philadelphia Daily News.  Follow him on Twitter.


Marc Silverman gives Chicago perspective

Marc Silverman, ESPN 1000, called in and talked about the Bulls chances going forward in this series.  The mood in Chicago is still gloom, but if the Bulls can find a way to win Game 6 in Philadelphia, a Game 7 victory wouldn't be so far off.  Marc went on to say how bad he thinks the Sixers are the series would be over by now if Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah were both healthy.  Marc Silverman is the co-host of "Waddle & Silvy" every weekday morning from 9 to noon on ESPN Radio, AM 1000 in Chicago.


Lavoy Allen talks playoffs

Sixers C Lavoy Allen called in at 3:40 today and talked Game 5 and Game 6 tomorrow night.  He was one of the few bright spots in last nights contest, but the Sixers need more than just Lavoy Allen being a bright spot.


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY OR SELL a difference in Cris Carter's bounty and the New Orleans Saints?

2. BUY OR SELL 4 HR in a game more difficult than a perfect game?

3. BUY OR SELL JaVale McGee throwing his game ball in the crowd?


Dei Lynam calls in

CSN Philly's Dei Lynam called in and gave us her perspective on the Sixers and Bulls Game 6 match up tomorrow night.  She said if the Sixers can just start playing like they were in the beginning of the season, they should be able to close it out.  She downplayed the idea of a singular player stepping up and scoring, rather this team collectively needs to score.   Dei Lynam covers the Sixers for CSN Philadelphia and CSNPhilly.com


YOU react to Phillies struggles

We took tons of calls all day on how bad the Phillies have been at the start of the season.. Many of you think their run is over and Chase Utley and Ryan Howard coming back won't help.  Mike Gill remains strong in his opinion about John Mayberry, Jr and the Phillies put too much stock into him.


5 Questions

1. What was the most frustrating play last night across all three games?

2. Rank the coaches in Philadelphia right now, would you fire any of them?

3. Did ESPN pay too much money for right to the ACC? (3.6 billion for 15 years)

4. Who will you be rooting for now in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

5. Whats your favorite Billy Joel song?


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