Eagles Rookies, Quarterbacks, and select Veterans will report for Training Camp Monday July 25th and among the first to report are expected to be the trifecta of Quarterbacks who have dominated the Eagles headlines for months.  While Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson has reiterated on numerous occasions that Sam Bradford is the starter at Quarterback and Chase Daniel is the backup, it has recently been reported that Rookie Carson Wentz will be inactive to start the season.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport joined The Sports Bash on Monday and explained why starting Bradford and keeping Wentz on the bench is all part of the Eagles' plan:

"When Sam Bradford signed his extension and the Eagles reach out and said to the (NFL Draft Prospect) Quarterbacks 'You know we are still evaluating you guys'.  It was a sign that the current situation did not effect the future situation.  And you sign Bradford to a big money deal, but a short term deal, obviously Chase (Daniel) is under contract, you sign these Quarterbacks and pay them a lot of money to make sure your rookie doesn't have to play....Tossing a rookie Quarterback out there into the fire is not often the best way to go. Everyone wants to see this guy but if he is bad or not ready, then no one is going to see him. So I like the thought of putting Carson Wentz on the bench and he will play when he is ready, even if that is in two years.”

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