Coach Andy Reid strongly suggested the Eagles will not be in the mix to pursue Peyton Manning or trade up in the draft for Baylor's Robert Griffin III.

Coach Reid said: "We're obviously happy with Michael (Vick)," said Reid, "That's not something we're -- we're happy with Michael."

The main question is do you believe Reid with his track record?

In the past he has told us he would not trade Donovan McNabb, he was dealt on Easter Sunday.  We were told by Reid that Kevin Kolb was his quarterback and he was replaced by Mike Vick after just a few weeks under center.

There are many other instances, that just concerning the quarterback position.

Listen, while the Eagles quarterback play was not the full reason why the Eagles failed last season, the turnovers from that position was a huge factor in 8-8 season.  But giving Mike Vick a  full off season as the starter could be the cure.

Would I take Manning or RGIII over Vick - you bet I would, do I think Vick can lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl, i'm not as decisive on that as I am on replacing Vick with the two big named stars.

What would you do?  Post your thoughts below.