Chip Kelly is going to need some help if he wants to land Marcus Mariota.

That help could be coming from the New York Jets.

According to a report, if the Heisman Trophy winning Mariota slips to the Jets at sixth overall, the Jets could then ship that pick 90 miles down the road.

The new GM in place is Mike Maccagnan and he's love nothing more than to position his team with a stockpile of future draft picks.

Eagles head coach now has complete control over player personnel also would love nothing more than to land his former college quarterback whom he compared to Peyton Manning.

The report cites past draft day blockbuster trades that have provided framework for a potential deal, like the RG III trade three years ago.

Mehta also throws out the possibility that Nick Foles could be involved in such a trade in addition to first and second round picks in 2015 and 2016.

Foles is in the final year of his rookie contract and would be an immediate upgrade at quarterback over Geno Smith.

If Foles struggles, the Jets could part ways with him, but still acquire three early round draft picks for the future.

Either way, there will be plenty of speculation and rumors involving Chip Kelly and Marcus Mariota the next few months.

We'll grab the popcorn.