It's been in the works for weeks.

It was even reported on last month by ESPN, Chip Kelly is losing the Eagles locker room.

Now just one day before one of the more important games of the season, additional questions have risen about the state of the Eagles locker room.

According to Matt Lombardo of, Chip Kelly has "lost the loyalty from his players" this season. This per an anonymous agent for a starting player.

"Chip Kelly has lost the team. Between the losses and his bull[bleep] methods that aren't working, I can tell you that the players have tuned him out.," the agent said. The agent requested anonymity on the subject due to fears of retribution against his client.

Moreover, the agent also raised the possibility of players using an injury to stay off the field because they "won't play hurt for Chip." According to the report, the player could play through the injury, but has chosen not to.

With the Eagles season in danger of unraveling with a loss to the lowly Lions on Thursday, who knows what to expect when it comes to Kelly's future with the team.