For the Phillies three aces 2012 was a tough season to swallow.

Cliff Lee didn't record a win until July and won just six games, while Cole Hamels was embattled with contract extension talks until late July.

Most surprisingly, however, is the way Roy Halladay performed.

According to a report from Jayson Stark, Halladay's uncharacteristic 2012 performance (11-8, 4.49 ERA, 1.222 WHIP) won't stop the Phillies from discussing a contract extension with their ace.

From Stark: The preliminary talks involved keeping Doc in Philly beyond 2013 when his contract expires and pushing his average annual value up to around $24 million, which is what Cliff Lee is getting paid. General manager Ruben Amaro said they've "kicked it around, but we tabled it," though he wouldn't rule out resuming talks eventually. "I guess it's still possible," said Amaro. "But a lot has to do with how he feels and how he performs. So that's a decision and a conversation that would probably have to go into the spring, and maybe into the season."

Nothing is imminent and chances are things wouldn't be agreed upon until mid-season, but it is worth monitoring.

Last season Halladay spent more than a month of the season on the disabled list, recorded his highest ERA since 2002 and factored in only 19 decisions.

Next season is due to be Halladay's final year with the team unless a $20M option vests making 2015 hisfinal year with the team.

The option vests if Halladay: pitches 225 innings in 2014, 415 innings 2012-2013 and is not on the DL at the end of 2013 season.

Halladay pitched just over 156 innings in 2012 so 415 combined innings pitched seems unlikely.

Roy Halladay will turn 36 years old in May.

--Pete Giordano