Andy Reid may be taking yet another bullet.

Jeff McLane, Philadelphia Inquirer, reported Tuesday that Eagles general manager Howie Roseman played an "important" role in hiring Jim Washburn two off seasons ago.

The news comes just one day after head coach Andy Reid fired Washburn upon arriving back to Philadelphia early Monday morning after the Eagles loss in Dallas this according to Adam Schefter.

According to McLane, it was Roseman who first suggested the idea to Reid and pushed strongly for the hire citing a strong relationship with Washburn's agent, Tony Agnone, who represents both Trent Cole and Jason Babin.

From McLane: "The proposal was initially met with skepticism. Reid, though, became convinced. The Eagles coach had become less familiar with assistants around the league and which ones were available and had come to rely on others for suggestions, one source said.

Reid, as he would with any decision after he consulted those around him, could either reject Roseman's proposal or adopt it. He chose the latter - an indication of how much Roseman's influence within the organization had grown after just one year as GM."

Reid told reporters Monday morning that it was his decision alone to hire and fire Washburn.

It was evident from the beginning that Washburn was a questionable hire when the Eagles signed him to three year contract before having a defensive coordinator in place. This unconventional move scared away potential candidates including Dick Jauron and fan-favorite and former Eagles assistant Steve Spagnuolo.

Reid will likely be fired in four regular season games, while Roseman recently inked a contract extension to remain Eagles GM.