Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie may still be keeping his title with the front office. He'll still be cashing the checks from the team, but that doesn't mean much depending on what you read.

According to a report from Tom Moore, Philly Burbs, Hinkie has, "for all intents and purposes, been fired."Moore spoke to multiple league sources after the hiring of Jerry Colangelo and they all had the same reaction: Colangelo is in charge.

Although the 47-year NBA front office veteran will remain in Phoenix and has even been hesitant to say he's going to call all the shots, sources have made it clear that he didn't take this gig for nothing.

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"It’s his way or the highway,” said another league source. “He rules with an iron fist. He’s old school. He’s got an ego. When he was with the Suns, you did your job or you were gone. I don’t expect anything different now.”

"Colangelo might add a veteran to give such a young team some on- and off-court guidance. He could take a longer look at trading one of the Sixers’ big men (perhaps Nerlens Noel) to help restore some roster balance."

The sources went on to compare this situation to that of when Ed Snider still owned the team and hired longtime NBA executive Rod Thorn to call all the shots.

“It’s clear (Hinkie) has, for all intents and purposes, been fired,” said the second source, comparing it to when Ed Snider hired Rod Thorn as team president in August 2010 and put Thorn in charge of then-GM Ed Stefanski (Harris fired Stefanski 14 months later)."

As was written on hours after the hiring of Colangelo, Yahoo! Sports NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski speculated on Jerry's son, Bryan, eventually taking over for Hinkie and running the show while the elder Colangelo remains in Phoenix.

"Since the 76-year-old Colangelo lives in Phoenix and isn’t moving, could that mean he hires somebody he’s comfortable with to be a daily presence in Philadelphia? Son Bryan, a former two-time NBA Executive of the Year who has been out of the league for 2 1/2 seasons, would be one possibility.

“I know Bryan,” said the second source. “Bryan’s going to be involved” …

“I think the final straw was the (Jahlil Okafor situation),” said the first source."

Bryan Colangelo is currently planning his return to an NBA front office after being pushed out himself when he was with the Toronto Raptors organization.

Okafor has been involved in minor to major incidents off the court thus far this season and was not disciplined by the team until a second video surfaced of him getting into a scuffle in Boston early Thanksgiving morning.

There have been multiple reports that have the NBA, most notably commissioner Adam Silver, placing a call to Colangelo to "gauge his interest" on a job with the Sixers and that it was due to other owners unhappiness with the 76ers situation.

The Sixers are 1-21 this season.