Dario Saric should start looking for his passport.

According to a report, the Sixers are in talks to lure international asset to the United States -- and to the NBA for this upcoming season.

However, David Pick also cautions in his report that his Turkish team Anadolu "loves him."

Saric signed a 3-year deal with that Turkish team just days before he was selected by the Orlando Magic in the 2014 NBA Draft. The Magic later traded his rights to the Sixers in exchange for PG Elfrid Payon.

Per the CBA, the Sixers are only allowed to pay a percentage of any international rights buyout, with increments increasing by $25,000 each year.

With his current contract, Saric would be responsible for roughly less than $1 million after the Sixers assistance of the permitted $625,000.

Also under the current CBA, Saric has one year left to sign with his NBA team in order to be held under the rookie pay scale which runs off a slotting system depending upon whe that player was drafted. Saric was drafted 12th overall so he is still in line to make about $1.8 million. The Sixers could also do Saric a favor and offer him 20 percent more than than allowing for extra money to be put towards a buyout.

If Saric fails to exit out of his contract and remain overseas this season, he would surpass the three-year threshold and no longer be held under that rookie pay scale.

Saric is currently playing in the finals of the Turkish Basketball League.

(h/t CSN Philly)