Mike Vick must like the color green.

According to an NFL.com report, Vick would sign with the New York Jets "if given more money than Mark Sanchez."

League sources tell Ian Rapoport that Vick believes he has four years left and wants to be a starting quarterback next season.

"I got a lot left in my tank and the future will take care of itself," Vick told reporters on Monday.

With Nick Foles gaining valuable experience by starting the final seven games this season and Vick guaranteed $15.5 million next season, a release is likely.

For the Jets, a release of Sanchez wont be easy.

Sanchez and the Jets agreed to a contract extension this off season and the now benched Sanchez is owed $8.25 million next season and his release would kick in a $12.35 million.

From Rapoprt: "Sources also said Vick would not want to join the New York Jets if Mark Sanchez still is the starter, but he would consider signing with the Jets if he were paid more than Sanchez, making it clear that Vick was the No. 1 quarterback on the depth chart."

The report also cites sources close to Vick saying he wants to wait and see if Oregon coach Chip Kelly will accept an NFL job as Vick has "already imagined himself playing in Kelly's fast-paced spread offense..

The Jets are also expected to part ways with Tim Tebow, according to the New York Daily News the backup QB will be asked to be traded or released upon season's end.

--Pete Giordano