Many an Eagle fan have been clamoring for owner Jeffrey Lurie to make an executive decision, benching Mike Vick in favor of Nick Foles -- even if it means replicating a model that pretty notoriously doesn't work.

In other words: They want Lurie to go all Jerry Jones.

Or at least they think they do.

Forget the potential for short-term problems. According to a Yahoo! Sports report last weekend, sources suggest that Andy Reid would "lose the locker room" if he were to yank Vick and start Foles. Even though Lurie would be the one doing the pulling, it's already been made clear that there'd be resultant resentment among players for that kind of a move.

Then there's the bit about Foles being no more proven than four meaningless scrimmages.

Consider the long-term risk. With Andy Reid likely on his way out, what kind of precedent would that set within the current/future Eagles power structures? Might Lurie feel compelled to intervene in the future?

Worse, might candidates to replace Reid be scared off by the possibility -- in the same way that, say, some have been of the Cowboys head coaching job?

Worse yet, stepping in here might create confusion among current/future players. On ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike In The Morning" Thursday, lifetime Cowboy wallflower Chris Mortensen explained that Dallas' biggest problem since 1998 -- when, you know, the franchise fell off -- is that, given Jones' perceived accessibility, players aren't shy about going over the head of their head coach with complaints.

But something's telling me Eagle fans don't want that.