The Sixers finished their season at 18-64 on Wednesday night in a loss to the Heat, their 10th loss in a row to close out the season.  They started the year losing 17 straight games, but Sixers coach Brett Brown likes the direction of the team.

"We're moving in the right direction," Brown said during his almost 40 minute press conference on Thursday.  "No doubt I am happy the season is over, but I am excited for the summer.  I feel so positive about the culture we are building."

(Listen to John Gonzalez from CSN Philly discuss the future of the Sixers and explain why the Sixers aren't in a hurry to win now.)

This summer will be an important one if the Sixers want to start winning more basketball games, Brown said the team will start its offseason summer program sometime around May 18th, which is also the night before the NBA draft lottery.  In two seasons as an NBA head coach, Brown is 37-127 and admitted the losing is starting to get to him.

"For me, this was a hard year, to lose two years in a row like we did, I wouldn't be telling the truth that it wasn't hard,"  Brown admitted.

But Brown is a positive person by nature, coming to Philadelphia from San Antonio, one of the most successful franchises in the NBA.  Brown says he wants to use his experience with the Spurs, and the success he had there and share it with his new organization.

"I've been privileged to have seen five championships," Brown explained.  "I know what it takes and I want to share that."

One thing's for certain Brown is ready to start winning and isn't interested in hanging around teaching players who may or may not be NBA ready.  If he is going to share his experience from San Antonio with the Sixers, he is going to need to find a more stable group of players.

"At the end of the day, to coach gypsies, to have to coach a revolving door — that's not what I'm looking for," Brown admitted.

So when does Brown want to see this Sixers start winning more games than they lose?

"Next year." Brown explained.  "Without a doubt. For me it does,” Brown said. “When I give you that answer, no one here can misinterpret what I’m saying — we need to see that we’re moving forward.”

How do they get there?

"To move it forward we need needle movers, we need talent," Brown stated.  "We need talent, it comes with development, it comes with the draft."

The Sixers own the third worst record in the league meaning they can draft anywhere from the top overall spot to the sixth spot in the draft.  They also have a slim possibility to acquire the Lakers (17%) and Heat (9%) picks in this years draft.