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In this week’s edition of the Sixers Mailbag, Derek answers your questions about where the Lakers pick could fall next year, trading the 2016 1st round draft picks, a look back at the JaVale McGee trade, and whether or not Nerlens Noel could be traded.


Q: What is the % chance Lakers are a playoff team next year with potential Rando/Love/Kobe core next year?

If that team actually comes to fruition: Five percent? Maybe?

I think Rondo, who is still living off of his name and gaudy assist totals rather than his actual play, is a terrible fit with Kobe. I hope the Lakers go after Rajon Rondo and use up their cap space that way.

I also don't think Kevin Love and Julius Randle fit well together. At all. Who is going to protect the rim? Who is going to switch out on guards on pick and rolls? How in the world are they going to defend transition?

Especially when you factor in the injury risk, and how deep the West is, I think that team gets them in the 7-12 range on lottery night next year. This is why I'm not all that concerned with the Lakers cap space and the pick all of a sudden becoming far less valuable.


Q: Do you suppose we will draft four first rounders next year? Always imagined we'd package the Heat and OKC picks to move up.

I think, at some point, Sam Hinkie will start consolidating assets. There are only 15 roster spots on a team and only 240 minutes in a game.

Beyond that, while we like the philosophy of having as many lottery tickets as possible to mitigate risk, at some point you have to target quality. Sometimes that's through the draft, where the top of the draft is far more likely to produce franchise players, or through a trade.

I do think, especially after Hinkie ends up with Noel, Embiid, and his 2015 draft pick, we might see the focus shift to trying to "Harden a star", and it could start with the 2016 picks.


Q: I am team Hinkie for life, but can't get over feeling that he got taken on J. McGee. I know cap floor & all, but that's a lot of coin and space for a low 1st in 2017.


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