Sixers president of basketball operations Rod Thorn said he expects to return for the 2012-13 season his first order of business will be the 15th pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Thorn has said that his team needs a perimeter shooter and an athletic big man - does the NBA draft have that to offer?

Here are five big men who might be there when the Sixers pick at 15:

1. John Henson PF North Carolina: Henson is a banger an athletic interior and was the most dominant defender in the ACC over the last two seasons, averaging 3.2 blocks as a sophomore and 2.9 as a junior.  One issue for the Sixers, is he needs work on his offensive game.  Henson has been working on a nice mid-range jumper and baby hook to his game but still has a long way to go at that end of the floor.

2. Arnett Moultrie C Mississippi State: Moultrie is an interesting prospect he can score from the outside and on defense has good energy, shot-making ability and the athleticism that the Sixers could use at the center position.

3. Andrew Nicholson PF St. Bonaventure: After seeing Nicholson play during the A10 Tournament up-close and personal, I saw a a guy who can score inside and out giving the Boonies 18.5 points, 8.4 rebounds and 2.0 blocks per game.  At 6-9, 222 pounds, Nicholson could slide in and play the power forward spot right away after playing four years of college ball.

4.  Fab Melo C Syracuse: The Sixers needs a athletic big man, Melo could be the best of the bunch.  At 7-feet tall, 250 pounds, Melo is a shot blocking machine, swatting away 2.9 shots per game.  The problem is he is very limited on the offensive end, and doesn't rebound as well as he should - averaging only 7.8 points and 5.8 rebounds per game.  He could be the kind of defensive player who could make the loss of Andre Iguodala tolerable if he can block shots at the same rate in the NBA.

5. Terrence Jones PF Kentucky: Jones might be one of the most athletic big man in this year's draft.  At 6'8/244 Jones returned to Kentucky and showed solid shooting range and excellent rebounding ability - two things that the Sixers could use right away.  One issue with Jones is where he will play in the NBA game.  If the Sixers are able to deal Iguodala, he could be a NBA three, if Iguodala stays, Jones could play some NBA four.