With the draft just two days expect to hear tons of rumors involving the Sixers.

The latest one to make its rounds on Tuesday involved the 76ers and Portland Trail Blazers reportedly discussing a trade that would send Portland's No. 23 pick to Philadelphia in exchange for the Sixers No. 35 and 37 picks - both second round selections.

The move makes sense for Portland who want to clear salary with a couple of key free agents, including LaMarcus Aldridge. Moving out of the first round means they don't have to hand out a guaranteed contract and getting two high second round picks from the Sixers would be compensation for losing a first round talent.

If the Sixers add the 23rd overall pick they would be looking at guys like Utah point guard Delon Wright, Virginia guard Justin Anderson, UCLA forward Kevon Looney or Syracuse forward Chris McCullough are a few interesting name in that area of the draft.

So does this deal make sense for Philly?

"It might," said NBA insider Steve Kyler of BasketballInsider.com on the Sports Bash. "There are a couple of talents that will be there that won't be there later and they have the cap space and roster room."

(Listen to NBA Insider Steve Kyler of BasketballInsiders.com on The Sports Bash)