Many think that Manny Pacquiao lost "the fight of the century" on Saturday night because he lacked focus.

Smiling from ear-to-ear all week, snapping selfies during his walkout and yes, hosting late-night host Jimmy Kimmel as part of his entourage.

Maybe, just maybe, Pacquiao couldnt help himself knowing he'd be walking away with over $100 million win, or lose.

It was a funny sight though as he had Kimmel play the role of pop-star Justin Bieber who is always walking by the side of Floyd Mayweather during his entrances.

Pacquiao lost by unanimous decision in 12 rounds, but he'll always have the aforementioned selfie snapped on his way out to the ring, sponsored by Samsung:

A little blurry, sure, but Kimmel supplied us with the nice photo bomb.

Here's Kimmel last night on his talk-show detailing the nation on his experiences with the Pacquiao camp in Las Vegas on Saturday night: