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 Here is today’s show: Friday October 16th 2013

Injury Expert

Joe DeRosa called in on Friday 2:45 to talk about all the injuries surrounding the Eagles vs. Cowboys game on Sunday. As expected Mike Vick, DeMarcus Ware and DeMarco Murray are at the top of the list.

Barrett Brooks

Calls in every Monday and Friday for our Eagles coverage. Today Brooks looks at the Eagles/Cowboys matchup on Sunday. Both teams have struggling defenses, Brooks said that Nick Foles is very good at his reads and it would be a good idea for the Eagles to keep throwing the ball. Cowboys LB Sean Lee is playing at a very high level right now and LeSean McCoy could have a tough time running against him. Follow Brooks on Twitter.

6-Pack of Picks

Drew Pearson

Former Cowboys WR Drew Pearson on for our Outside View. Pearson said Tony Romo efficiency wise is playing some of the best football he's seen in Dallas. Romo now has weapons around him, including a better, more physical offensive line. Pearson believes that whoever has the football last will win this game as he expects somewhat of a shootout with the high powered offense of Chip Kelly.  Follow Pearson on Twitter.

Top Tweets

It's a Friday edition if top tweets!

Geoff Mosher

Called in to talk about the Eagles/Cowboys matchup. Mosher also talked about the struggles the Eagles have gone through at home. In fact, the last football team to in a game at the Linc is not the Eagles, rather the Temple Owls beating USF in October. Mosher also talks about the weapons the Cowboys have at wide out and how tough of a matchup that will be for the Eagles LB and secondary. Follow Mosh on Twitter.

5 Keys to the Game

1. Win TO Battle

2. Pressure Romo

3. Take Bryant Away

4. Keep the Crowd In It – No home win in over a year

5. Special Teams – Dwayne Harris 1st KR 34.7, 1st PR 23.6 (TD)